Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pictures from birthday-Thanks to Antonio!

I am thinking these are tortillas ?? Looks like scones to me:)
Antonio said Mitch smashed his face in the birthday cake,
and the cake fight had begun!!!
This is Dennis-17 yr old boy he baptised
I sent him a package for his birthday. Pin the tail on the donkey was in the package.
Looks like he made good use of it!! The little kids seem to have fun.
It's good to see that smile!

This is the Martinez family they are members who feed Mitch each day
Antonio is a great friend to Mitch. He just returned from a mission in El Salvador
six months ago.
Whats up fam?
Well here in Honduras all is well. We just went to a super cool place for p-day and thats why it has taken so long for me to write you. So yeah thats whats up. I took some awesome pictures so thats way cool, we hiked up to some waterfalls in a place called, Valle De Angeles. It was sooo stinkin cool. Yeah so they keep tellin me about the Jazz and im super stoked, but the Jazz need to beat the Lakers this time, its been like two years or something and I hate the Lakers. I remember, this is what was happening last year the last week of school, haha crazy eh? It's already been one year, just one more to go, it doesn't seem like that long does it??? I don't know what else to tell you all, just have all the questions ready by Sunday so we don't waste any time. It's so much easier to answer them over the phone. Freak I'm sooooo stoked the White's are gonna be there for the call. Ok just so we are ready, I won't be callin a day early, just be ready Sunday night from 5 to 6, I'm not sure how the time difference is between Honduras and USA but expect a call at 4 too, ite. Then we'll see what happens. and if I don't call Sunday, Monday for sure, but I will Sunday don't worry. I can't believe Jesse(Jesse his close friend will be home from England on May 7th and he wants him there to talk for the M-day call) is already home, thats sooo crazy. Well I love you all soo much and take care of yourselves. Love you.
Elder Beckstead

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