Monday, May 31, 2010

It's raining hard in Honduras!!!!

Well first of all tell Brandons Grandpa thank you. from elder beckstead.
Well here in Honduras its a little bit different, Its kinda chilly, which is a huge change that is weird, But I guess there is a tropical storm near or something cause its rainin like crazy the streets are filled with water and its muddy everywhere we go. ahhhhh its soo bad.
so yeah thats how it is here.
Yes I got the cookies you all sent me, which were very very good by the way, thank you very very much. ummmm I no longer have grandmas blanket because its a warm blanket and I cant afford to carry it with me, So I gave it to my last comp. which is ok.

So Tyson is off to Iraq huh, well q le vaya bien. I'll have to pray for him for now on at night, I sure hope hes safe and makes it out of there all right.
And Nick too, wow thats nuts!! I wonder, I thought all the soldiers would have been out of there by now. according to Obama. but I guess not.(his cousin Tyson and Nick has been deployed to Irac. They will leave in Sept and Nick will come home as change early from his mission in Mexico to get ready to go with his group)
Well Im glad you got to speak in sacrament, I just hope you didn't try to make me look like something i'm not.
Im sooo stoked that Jeff is gonna serve as well, wow hes gonna be in the mtc within like 2 days huh. well tell him that Elder Beckstead says good luck and that I love him.
Ok so the difference between the two positions here in the mish isnt much, Just more chances to grow and progress, and trust me, those chances come by often. but it doesnt mean anything special. ( I asked him the different responsibilities between DL and ZL I think he is trying to say that every missionary no matter what responsibilities is special)
So how are things there in Idaho and Utah, How are my boys and hows the farm doing, I keep tellin dad to keep an eye on my cows, but he keeps sayin, What Cows??? hahaha i think hes thinkin that there his. :)
well Right now I have a new comp, I still have my old comp, but I have another new one too, his name is Elder Juan. He ran into a handfull of problems and now he has to be with us until the president can decide what to do with him. so were gonna find out eh??
I heard all about state track this week so thats super cool. But yeah, dont worry time is gonna go by super fast and before you know it ill be home. I just have to work super super hard while im here. I hope everyone is well de salud and that this memorial weekend is awesome.I love you all and remember what a real blessin it is to be able to live in such an Amazing Country!
Peace out
Elder Beckstead

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