Monday, April 26, 2010

Elder Beckstead turns 20!!!

First Of ALL, THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARDS!!!! and letters, and e-mails!! OK my day has been awesome, I played soccer today, which I think is gonna help me alot with football cause im gettin a lot quicker. But we'll see.

So congratulations with the victory over Malad, i'm sure its safe to say that it's those lunges that I taught you all. So yeah that's why you won right. haha! Seriously good job, I cant wait to see them next year. Maybe I'll get home in time for state, if I do, i'm going and we will party it up in Boise for a week. Clean parties right, but always a party!
So this week has been a pretty good one. Kevin did end up getting baptised which was super cool. He´s a neat kid, drives me crazy sometimes, but a great person. And yes he already wants to go on a mission, so we are preparing everything so that 'll be able to go to the Temple in June with the ward from here on the 28. That would be amazing to be able to see, but that means that we have a lot of work to do with him so that he can be rightfully prepared to go and learn alot.
So today I had like 20 new emails which was awesome. all of them from people saying happy birthday, and im pretty sure all of them receive cop├Čes of these emails, so thank you very very much, they are well appreciated.
So I'm thinking you all got an email from a person named Jose Antonio this week. He is one of the people I was telling you about. He´s super cool and really helps us out with everything, really one of the better members I've met in Honduras. So yeah it's safe to talk to him if you really want. He has a brother too named Dennis who is also super super tight.

I'm stoked that Peyton got the letter, I hope that there is enough money for all of the kids there to have a limp or two. That limp that I sent you all is worth about 10 cents in us dollars, and the thing is, it will buy you a pretty good snack. How rediculous is that.
I'm sorry about the short letter today, I don't have any time left. Im gonna have Tono send you all some pictures, or i'm gonna try, i'll talk to him and see what he can do. If not, I'm sorry.
You all know I love you and keep movin forward in the work. and remember, EVERY member of the church is a missionary, so that means that we can all do something in this great and marvolous work.Give references to the missionares ite.(his version of allright!)
Peace out and love you all
Elder Beckstead
p.s im thinking the call will be at around 6 at night. (the mothersday call YES!!)Peace and adios, cuidense

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