Monday, May 17, 2010

USA a great place to live. . . .

Wow, I was sooo stoked that I have been here for a year and that my time has went by so fast, then U realize that I still have half the mission waitin for me, hahaha seriously the mish is super long. hahahaha But I like it so its fine.
Today has been a good day just a normal p-day with soccer and Wendys, haha you know im gonna be pretty stinkin good at soccer when I get home, ahahahaha tell chuck that Im gonna walk on a soccer college team and quit football just to see what she says!!
Ok so heres the answers
:( I asked a lot of questions this time-because I knew he was sick and I was wondering if it was because of a spider bite)
I feel kinda sick, but dont worry i'm fine. Ive been sick all week long and haven't been able to eat much, but I feel a little bit better right now.
Ok yes a spider bit me, but don't worry about it. ite, and yes it was a big spider.
My comp is from Taylorsville and that is all that I know. I don not eat super well each day. I kunda struggle searchin for good food that I need. But i''m fine dont worry.
Well congrats on the state trip, be sure you let me know how everything went, its about time West Side brought back another trophy to its cophers(what??). Guess what, the Hendersons mission is almost over, they are more than half way done as well, is that not pretty neat.
Its really good to hear about everything thats going on there in the United States of America. WOW what a great place seriously. I love that place sooo much, Im really gonna kiss the ground when I get home I think. hahahahaha. I love this place too, but still not quite as much. neat eh.
Well I wish you all luck in the week and I hope everything goes well at state and in school and everything, school is almost out and the next time it is almost out I will be home with you all. OOOOOOOO YEAH.

well peace out and I love you all
Elder Beckstead

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