Monday, May 24, 2010

The Plan of Salvation

Well Whats up family,
Here all is well, the sun is shining and the heat just loves to make me miserable, but i'm not gonna let it beat me. So about track, HOLY COW I though they'd do good but I had no idea that they would win it all. Thats freakin crazy and great to hear. I cant believe they finally won it. Looks to me like Tysons doin some good things there in "Ole West Side, hahahaha turns out he loves the place. He's already got a wet back. haha and he just keeps on wettin it, which is weird for someone who had sooooo much "Preston pride". I guess he has just finally found the truth, haha that reminds me, we are in fact teachin some neat people, but not very many. Im so busy everyday running errands and doing things that I almost don't have any time to work in my area, haha it's soooo hard. but its normal i guess.
But we're teaching some guy named Alonzo, who is absolutely awesome. He's like 60 years old. His entire family has died exept for a few hijos, and so he's pretty much alone, but we talked to him about the plan of salvation and he loves it. He really loves the spirit world. haha he's always like,¨hey why don't ya teach me more about that one world with the spirits. ha just imagine, a neat little Honduran dude sayin that. haha I love it.
I dont know what else to tell now already.
I'm no longer sick and can eat anything that you put in front of me again. m,mmmmmm I love to eat. I actually bought some cereal, some honey nuts cherios which I ate in like one day. But I can't do it again, they are just to expensive down here in the south in good ole Hondo. But yeah
life is well, my comp is pretty cool and today we had a huge activity with several zones so I got to play baskteball. and o boy am I excited for some serious alumni ball. hahaha its gonna be neat.
Well thats all I got for y'all today, time just keeps goin by and thats a good thing I think. well I love you all and peace out
P.S no hammock yet, this week im gonna figure it all out.
well love you all and peace out
Elder Beckstead

Just a note: Tyson is his brother in law who coaches the track team here at West Side. The team won State first time in a long time. These guys are a lot of Mitch's friends. Tyson was sooo anti West Side when he attended Preston High-across the river and call us all wetbacks!! Now he teaches here and coaches football and track. . . So that is why Mitch is rubbing it in. . .

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