Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 10, 2010

Well whats up family? Today will be a short email because I talked to you all last night. All is well here, i'm still a little sick but i'm fine, I just need some sprite, i'm telling you all, sprite works miracles here in Hondo, haha in my last area we didn't have water for like 3 days, so we drank sprite, how crazy is that? It was all good, I like the taste of sprite.
OK so it's good to hear how well your team is doing, so im thinkin ur all gonna be able to bring home 2 state trophies this year, one from softball, and one from track. mas les vale. hahaha
Me an my comp have tons in common, more than anything, we love to work hard and have success, so hopefully its goes down like that.
well tell Grandma Wood(She's been really sick-but much better now) that I love her and that i'm thinkin about her and that she is in my prayers. I love you all and have a great week ite.
Elder Beckstead

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