Monday, June 7, 2010

Alonzo Baptized /40 Missionaries leaving in 7 weeks

Dear familia,
como les sta yendo. todo bien me imagino. Entonces que me cuentan de nuevo, q tal las vacaciones. bien va
ha well there you are, a lil bit of Spanish for the day. les podria decir aun mas pero la verdad es q.... pues no se.

Alright so how is everything going there in Idaho, good right?? so yeah its true, here in the mission 40 missionaries will be going home within these next 7 weeks. crazy huh. Im kinda freakin out because the entire mission is gonna change completely and were gonna be kinda in charge of guiding along these changes. But all is well, Im kinda sick but not too bad, i've been in bed the last two days with a stomach ache, but I feel better now, so don't even worry about it.

I'll tell you what, I don't get how missionaries can stay in a house for an entire day without going crazy. Wow There is soo much to do and if your in the house that stuff is not gettin done and the work is fallin behind, that is super hard to deal with.
So yeah rough week in that aspect, but we got alot of work done and were acutally finally seeing a little success in our area.

So whats up at home, Hows the family doing, sounds like things are doing pretty good, I cant believe how time has flown over these last 4 years. WOW I swear I was just startin high school yesterday, and now here I am, in Honduras chillin and preachin the gospel. haha crazy.

This weekend Alonzo got baptised, which was super awesome. He's a neat old dude and super, super humble. But It's was an awesome baptism, and a bunch of people investigating the church showed up too and they loved it. So the work is going well, thats why it makes it so hard to be sick.
The entire mission has changed it's viewpoint in these last few weeks, were now only concentrating on families, every pair of missionaries in the mission is now searching for families every night and setting apart time to be able to find them, which is a change that I love. Its awesome, families are so much easier to teach as well. Its awesome.
So yeah and I know HNA Adams, shes awesome, and like the nicest lady ever, She called me and said that you were going to her homecoming which is just fine.
So yeah, the first days in the mission are stinkin weird. You can always find the new missionaries because they have white shirts. haha every other missionary has like yellowish white shirts. hahaha and there plaques are white as well, and they have huge smiles on there faces but at the same time are thinkin like, what the heck am I doing here. ha you see it on each one of them. its neat. so yeah thats the situation.
Love you all very much and dont worry about me, worry about the people here in Honduras that don't have the gospel. and pray for them

Elder Beckstead

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