Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 29, 2010 (28 de Marzo Party)

Well first your questions, o by the way, right now to my left looking at my screen is Elder Magoffin, the dude you ask about. He got a change and is finally in my zone.
Ok Elder Moore, (from Jacksonville Florida) yes I know him very very well, he was in my district in the MTC and we were really good friends, in fact, we still talk through internet and stuff. So yeah I know him, and yes he did talk to Tim Tebow
. (Peyton told me that Mitch had wrote to him about a missionary that met Tim Tebow and he told me to ask if he was the one)

Well I'm glad my letters make you all feel better, its the only chance I have through the week to talk in English so I need to take advantage of it.
About coming and getting me, (I asked Mitch what he would think if we wanted to come and pick him up-I am sure Robert would never do it because it freaks him out too much and I would never go without him) I really dont know, I've always imagined the whole famous walk down the stairs to see the family there waiting for me. That's like the vivid picture I have in my mind and I just think of how awesome it will be. I guess if you want to come you can, but i'll have to think about it. It's up to you I think.

So guess what, were only gonna talk 2 more times by the phone and I'm going to be home, well three probably cause i'll call you in between sometime. I have two calls every year so maybe i'll throw a call in between there somewhere.

That's awesome that you all beat Marsh Valley, sounds like a trip to state and a trophy to me. haha im feelin it this year thats for sure, even though i'm so far away.
(I hope he's right that would be OK with me and my team!!)

So last night there was a huge party by my house. O my gosh I did not sleep at all, They had the music sooooo loud. They were celebrating the 28 of March because the place is called the 28 de Marzo. Neat huhu. But yeah the Hondurans really know how to party, WOW. I was up till 3 trying to sleep. finally they stoped and I went to bed. yyyyaaaaaayyyy.

OK so about the next call, were gonna see about it ok, but I would like Jesse to be there as well, that would be super cool. I was gonna be there for his call but I didn't have time. So invite him, jeez i haven't talked to him in a while.

The work here is still the same, my area is hard, again, but were working through it. I just want to go to an area where there are just a bunch of baptisms there and ready to be dunked. Ha! Maybe someday. I didn't have a change at all, I'm still with my comp in my same area. He's a neat kid so I'm not upset about it. I don't think he likes me though, he's kinda a slacker already, he has 2 months in the mission and already he likes to slack off and I dont let him do it, so he gets mad.

So in like 1 year and one month I'll be home, weird huh. I'll tell you time really is going pretty fast. But it's all good.

I found the 20 dollars, and I bought pizza with it. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! That pizza rocked.

But yeah, like I said, Dont worry about packages. Just send me money and I will be happy. You dont need to send packages. I love them but still it's probably better with just the money :). Then I can buy cool stuff, for example some friends of mine are going to Amapala this week so im givin them 500 limps to bring me some super cool stuff from there. it should be legit.
but yea,
Love you all and have a great week.
peace out
Elder Beckstead

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