Monday, April 5, 2010

Honduras "Holy Week" things slow down!

The Wild Bunch!!Darbi
8 months old! left to right
Eli, Colby, Jaxon, Peyton holding Darbi, Stockton, Blaize, and Parker

Another week down. I sent him some recent pics of the Boy's and Darbi--- He seemed to like them more than I thought. Some things he will never brag about, but when it comes to "his" boys (the nephews) and Darbi he does not hold back!!! :)

Holy cow, those pictures were awesome. I loved them sooo much, I sure do have some cute sobrinos. los amo muchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisimo. Holy crap she is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.
Well the questions first I guess. Conference was awesome, I loved everyone of the talks, but there was one that stood out to me alot, I bet you can all guess which one too. I can't remember the name of the dood, but the guy that talked about mothers and used the cow example. Wow everyone I was with just gasped after he was done talking. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.
(Sunday Session Bradley D Foster of the Seventy)
What Jonny told you about is right on, nobody was home this week and i'm pretty sure the entire mission struggled from it. All my investigators left and went to some beach somewhere, and i'm pretty sure they are probaby sinning there too. haha But its ok the baptism will help them out with that.
The next week is pretty much a party week too, it's kinda like one entire hang over, for a week. The people got sooo hammered drunk during spring break that now they are all super hung over. The people here just don't really get it, someone needs to teach them, that more beer doesn't help a hang over. It does fix it for a while, but then they gotta deal with the pain again. That is what's goin on this week
The easter egg hunt sounds super cool, I do miss Tyler and Jordan a lot but the fools dont even email me, u r gonna have to give them a good talking to this week so I get an email next week from the two jiotes. hahahaha I love that word. It sure is nice to hear about them, they were always really good buds growing up, we did have our difficulties but we always made it through, I guess that's what being brothers is all about. And once again I must mention that My nephews are awesome studs. That's quite a compliment if people say that I look like that little girl, nothing ugly can come from that face. haha
So this area is awesome compared to the rest, Triunfo was way, way hard and I'm glad that I am far from there. But I still love that place and I hope to be able to visit again some day.
I was gonna tell you guys about this today too, but in this area there is a family that is absolutley awesome. Familia Martinez, they are by far the fav family I have known in the mission. These people give me food all the time and sometimes, when work is just going super super hard, I pass through the house just to chat with the kids there. There are two returned missionaries that live there that are awesome, Toño and Dennis. These two are incredible people, they make sure everyone else is happy before themselves. Some others friends I have made here in my area are, Leo and Fernando, we are trying to talk them into going on missions, but it's not lookin to good right now. But they are awesome.I will try to send a picture of me with this group of cuotes, haber si todos estan un dia de estes.
If you are ever wondering what I am doing, just think to yourself. walkin down a street in Honuras trying to find an investigator to teach, listening to the pathetic excuses from the neat little catrachos, and you'll probably be correct. They come up with the weirdest things. I love you all and hope that you can stay strong in the word of God. Lets follow the words that the prophets told us and strive to become better each day. and remember to always have family home evenings.
Love Elder Beckstead

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