Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3/1/2010 Baptism with Sign Language

Hey there fam,
Whats crackin? So the life here in Hondo in crazy as ever. haha I'm lovin it I won't lie. Well tell all the people that I am fine and that I'm still pushin here in the mission field. The work is hard but fun and worth it. As for the heat, well it's hot and yesterday we had an actividad, (which is why I didn't email you all) and I got super sunburnt in the neck. The heat is gettin pretty rough, but you get used to it with time. Lacy got married??? Which one???(Lacy Ralphs??? I don't know who else he could be thinking of) Wo I've been gone a while huh, which means I'll be home sooner than we think.

Tell Kade that he better get going soon or hes gonna regret it. It's so much better to leave for the mission right off the bat than to wait. (I told him that his cousin Kade told me he wants to go next Feb so he can snowmobile first-he could go in Nov.) Unless he wants to hang out with Zac,(brother that will return in March) that would be good. So you'll never guess what happened to me the other day, A missionary in my district had a baptism and I had to go give the person an interview, but this wasn't any normal interview, the kid was deaf!!! wow talk about a struggle. Just imagine me over there trying to communicate in three languages. haha It was sooo hard but I finally finished it and the dude got baptised the next day. It was awesome, his best friend, and another deaf person, baptismed him, and he did the baptism prayer by sign language, haha it was pretty hard to find some witnesses though. Then I'll tell you something pretty cool too, right now we are teaching a 40 year old man that we found contacting one day, this dude is incredible. The only person I have ever seen that actually listens very well and reads frequently the Book of Mormon. He's getin baptised the 13th of March and I'm super stoked for that. But yea thats whats I got for right now. The towel is my comps I dunno where he got it, but he got it, haber donde.(he sent a picture home with a picture of a flag form USA and one from El Salvador it's posted on this blog!) I recieved my shirt, and thank you very much for that. I love that package so much, but its true, if you just send the money instead I could put it to better use for things to bring home. but yeah thats what I got for the day, You all have a great week and I expect good things Monday saying that the Boys won state!!
Alright peace out
Elder Beckstead

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