Monday, March 15, 2010

3/15/2010 A Priestood Blessing

Baptism with JosueElder Contreras Elder Beckstead and Josue

Sounds like it is very hot there. It is for sure summer in Honduras. Jaxon and Stockton went b-b gun bird hunting and sorta missed and hit the window in the Tractor. . . I told him the story about them and the confession. . .(I knew he'd love it-brought back some memories)

Well hey fam, whats going on?
Here in Hondo all is super super hot. And I'm not even in the south. O My Gosh. haha I don't understand why mom wants me to send a little bit of the heat to her. Its not worth it at all really.
As for the weight thing. I'm sending you all a picture today to shut you all up, Im not skinny and I weigh 220. Dunno why everyone keeps telling me that, I'm thinkin it has something to do with Roberts. I saw Elder Brown last week and talked to him for a minute, I didn't have too much time, but we were talking for a second. He had to come to Teguz to get his new comp. I'm not sure what happened but his last comp did something and got a change.
And yes this place is full of crazy bus drivers and taxi drivers. Seriously crazy, its awesome, but safe, dont worry about it mom. OK so last week we were in Burger King for p-day and a bus filled with gringos pulled up. I was like, what the crap, and they came in and used the bathroom and left, but I will tell you all that I have never seen prettier girls in Honduras. hahaha just playin. But yeah I felt sooooo stupid, I'm not sure why but it just felt super awkward.
OK so im gonna send pics this week for sure. Josuè got baptised this weekend and it was awesome. First we went to do the interview on Friday and his wife had some serious problems with an illness. I'm not sure what, but she was seriously close to dying, and throwing up and all that jazz. We offered her a blessing and left, the next day he got baptised and after the baptism he bore his testimony, he said he knew the church was true, then he said that the night before he had almost lost his wife, but the missionaries arrived at his house and gave his wife a blessing and right after the blessing she got better. Not completely, but she just layed down and went to sleep. She was up and walking around yesterday. It was awesome. Something I will never forget. thats for sure.
It is true, about how people really do want to see the gospel fail, I have really gained a strong testimony about that over the last few weeks. People will try and try to cause problems between the missionaries, but this work will never ever fail. The truth is here and we are spreading it, Christ suffered for our sins so that we didn't have to, he suffered for every one of us, and for that we have repentence, this amazing chance to repent from every single one of our sins and keep living life and never remember them again.

I love this gospel seriously with all my heart. It really does change lives and makes things better, no matter the situation from before. I love you all very, very much just so you all know. Ok last thing tell Stock not to worry about it, that kid is awesome, I just imagine the conscience of poor little Jaxon. But yeah how many windows I've broken there at the farm. Some people still don't know about the mischeif that I did there at the farm. It's awesome with little ole Tukker. Me an him had some good times.
Well love you all and peace out
Tell the boys I love them
Elder Beckstead

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