Monday, March 22, 2010

Study the BOM you learn soooooooo much!

Heres this weeks e-mail-just leave home for 11 months and it's amazing how they appreciate the little things like begging pancakes from Mandi. Thanks again for the prayers~ Honduras is a hardship mission and your prayers really help.
Subject: Re: Monday March 22, 2010

Well whats up, ok to start off NO. I did not talk to any of the gringos, I was way to scared. seriously I have no idea what I'm gonna do when I get back to the airport in the states. Everyone is gonna be looking at me funny and making fun of me cause I stink and everything like that. Luckily I still have two years left before that happens. (I asked him about the bus full of Gringo's that stopped into Burger king last week!! I hope he's not extending another year)But yes they were the prettiest girls I have seen in a while. haha jk

Yes, that was Josue that was in the picture. (I asked if that was Josue in the baptism picture that he sent last week) He is the man, tomorrow were gonna go and help him build his new house, which will be be super hard I'm thinking. I haven't done hard labor in soo long. But yeah I got the Easter package today and it was awesome. The candies are amazing and I plan on putting on about 20 pounds of fat when i get home tonight from p day. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I mentioned to him that my mom reads the BOM to my dad every morning and my dad has really enjoyed it also that I went to church with mom in her ward yesterday.

Yeah well Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them. Grandma Wood is awesome and its true, if you read the Book of Mormon and actually study it you learn soooooo much. SOOOO much. Its incredible I love studying that and the Liahona. or Ensign, I have no idea how to spell it.
That's awesome that your going to lunch with e Browns mom, that kid is awesome, I called him the other day for like 30 minutes and we had a good chat, he's in such a good area and has a lot of good investigaters. You'll have to ask his mom why he had an emergency change. It's a neat story.

OK So you all liked the picture huh, haha I know they didn't say that I look great, my guess is that they are all saying that I've gotten smaller or something. I'm gonna start joggin every Saturday morning with some members from our ward, they are the bomb. I think that I'm gonna get a change, well I assume anyway, but I dont wanna have one. I love my area, it's hard but I have created some everlasting friendships here with some super cool members, this week I'll take a picture and send it to you. I wanna bring these dudes to the good ole USA to study and hit on la chavalas at BYU Idaho haha.

Tell Grandma that I wished her luck in the barrel racing, and tell her to keep reading that amazing book. And keep going to church and everything like that. I can't believe how important that stuff actually is and how bad I was to have had blown it off for all these years. Well I guess they are just things you learn from studying and all that stuff.
If Grandpa Wood can't go to church you should arrange that someone goes to his house to give him the sacrament every week. That would be a huge blessing in his life I promise you that.
Man what a blessing to be able to repent of all of our sins every Sunday even though we will never be perfect. I guess what the Evangelicos say is true, Por Gracious somos salvos, or by the grace of God we are saved. But we do need to do our part.

OK so get those boys better ok, they need to get back on their feet and keep runnin around. (Jaxon, Stockton and Parker have all been sick~better now or I wouldn't mention it)
Something I was thinkin about, it's amazing how much I miss the little things that I used to do, just at random, for example, Just going to Mandi's house out of nowhere and begging her for some pancakes. Or going to Chuck's house and getting her super, super mad only to end up at pizza villa and enjoying a good solid pizza that she always bought me. haha or givin Coach Brown a hole bunch of crap every freakin day in weightlifting or basketball. I owe that dude soooo much,
I miss him, its funny how much I miss that guy, I never thought I would say this but I think about him alot. I guess its true, when we surround ourselves with great people in our lives, We will never ever forget them or the things they have done for us. Nor will we ever forget the advice they give us. That dudes example has alot to do with who I am today. Of course the example of other family and friends, we must never forget them, but the patience he had with me was incredible. haha tell that dude I love him for me and that he's the champion in my book.

Well thats all I got for you all!
Love you sooooo much and hope for the best siempre, y que dios les bendiga

Elder Beckstead


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