Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Part of a letter to Chelsi-his sis!!

Chelsi and Tate
GO TO CHURCH CHUCK, (chelsi's nickname)
I could tell you some things about the gospel that would make you go to church forever, but wait a year ok. And get your butt to the temple ok?? I wrote you last week but I guess you didn't get my email, sorry man. That makes me feel kinda bad but its all good. But yeah I didn't get your pic, i'm not sure why but try it again. and yeah maybe in just over a year you can all come get me, but that all depends. I'm not sure I want you all to come. Well love you and peace out.
Elder Beckstead

This part of the blog I will dedicate to Chelsi and Mitch. Chelsi love's Mitch more than life. She is very close to him and relied on him a lot. They are best friends. This has been the hardest thing she has ever had to do. She swears she needs him much more than the people in Honduras-haha A day does not go by that she misses him. He bears his testimony to her a lot. Our family has learned when you send a missionary- a son, an uncle, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a grandson you sacrifice. . . .until you send a missionary, you do not even understand. It has been good for her(she don't think so) and our family to have this experience. She had a baby while he was gone and that was hard too!!! Hang in there Cheltz!!! We really are being blessed!!!

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