Monday, February 15, 2010

2/13/2010 Training Elder Contreras from El Salvador

Thats sounds exactly like Honduras actaully.(I discribed to him how I heard Honduras was from a Mom who picked up her son in San Pedro Sula-men standing in front of stores and and resturants holding rifles, everyone plays chicken at the intersections because there are no rules and few signs or lights. Tiny homes with no real roads. There is no glass in the windows or screens, and clotheslines everywhere. Kids playing in the streets, dogs barking, music playing, people yelling out their open windows, women washing and throwing their dirty water in the street.) I did get changes so that is something brand new. Tuesday night I got changes and so yeah, In this moment I am training a brand new missionary, his name is Elder Contreras and he is from El Salvador, he's brand new and I have to teach him almost everything. haha But he is really cool. He talks super, super fast and pure Spanish from El Salvador, haha so I have alot to learn with him. He says a lot of words that I don't know still, haha but im gonna learn them. For example, the other day he said Compa tengo que echar la araƱa, that means I have to throw out the spider, haha but from El Salvador, it means I have to pee. haha something neat. And about Elder Roberts, he was one of my best friends in the mission, So I'd say yes add him on facebook. He was a hardcore missionary and very succesful in his mission. So yeah search for him alright. and write him and what not. But yeah, Love you all and peace out until next week.
Elder Beckstead

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