Monday, February 8, 2010

A baptism the same day as Jaxon

This is the Guitar he bought from a man he is teaching.Mitch with a boy he is teaching-looks like a normal teenager with his cell phone!!

Having Pizza with some members and friends

Had a baptism Feb 6, 2010
The same day as Jaxon his nephew!!

Beach in Cedeno Honduras
Hola fam que hay de nuevo aha en los unaiy. pues si, aqui todo tranquilo, teniamos un bautismo el sabado cual fue bien especial, ya ahi tambien llegò un investigador lo quien estamos enseñando, el es un marero y tiene unas marcas en su cuerpo de tiros. este man es bien bien serio. pero despues del bautismo, èl me contò que el habia tenido sentimientos bien fuertes, o sea el espìritu santo estaba testificandolo de la varacidad de la iglesia. increible. pero si creo que el serà bautizado.But ya thats about our baptizm. It was tight! (So the little buggar made me transcribe!!! Thanks to Gricel: Hello Family, What's new in the United States? Well here everything is calm, we had a baptism on Saturday which was very special, and an investigator went and which we are educating. He is a gang member and he has marks on his body of gunshots. This man is very serious. After the baptism, he told me that he had very strong feeling. I mean the Holy Ghost was testifying the truthfulness of the church. Incredible. But I think he will be baptized. But ya thats about our baptism.
I was super heated aout the super bowl too, I was hoping so bad that the Colts would win, but like you said, thats how it goes sometimes. but yeah this elder batschi has done divisons with me a few times, he's a nice kid, but like you said, a lot of people here in the mission are completely different than me. I've said this a few times in the mish:"I love the kid, but hes kooky in his way and i am kooky in my way" haha they are all awesome people here, but man, some of us have just completely different personalities. haha as of right now I havent recieved the valentine yet, but I hope it has some pictures. haha of girls maybe?? haha just playin...............sort of. As for changes, I kinda wanna stay in this area for a while, I'm liking the situation that we have here, but the last missionaries were kinda lazy and did nothing, so me and my comp are pretty much opening this area. Well more or less I think. I'm not really sure what happened to be honest, but all I know is that this was a hard area to enter, but its all good right now, its fun to try and set up a new missionary system and see if you can have success with your ideas.
Don't you even worry about the cold, its already over with. As for the ties, NO, I like my ties my shirts and my pants, Why would I burn them??? They need to last me two years anyway, well hopfully. I already know that im gonna need to buy a new suit before I come home. Fortunately they are pretty cheap here. I think??? But yeah, I'm gonna buy a guitar here, haha and hopefully learn it when I get home, but im teaching a dude that makes guitars, so its hand made and it only costs 100 dollars. haha so if you all wanna help me out to buy it, you should. Ill send you all a picture of it here soon. Hopefully. Well about my experience so far, haha its good. I love the mission I just miss the whole family. But i'm here for a good cause and i'm doin the right thing. So yeah that's a good thing. And for the heater situation, haha our houses dont have heaters, or air conditioning. We just have blankets and on hot nights a little fan that blows on us. So yeah thats about it. All is well here, the work is moving forward always. As well as my testimony of the gospel, the work is true, the church is true and we really are saved by grace, after we do everything posible. I love you all sooooo much and want you all to be safe for the next 2 years waiting for me. OK??? (it's down to 15 months, but who's counting???) Well peace out and thank you all OK
Elder Beckstead

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