Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey que ~hay fam
So whats up there in the states, haha in the states, thats crazy to think that you are all there and im here. But yeah fun fun.but That song is incredible. haha everywhere we go in the streets we hear it. The houses just blast it. So here the weather is very very nice right now, here in the city the weather is always pretty nice though, I enjoy it. So this last week was pretty rough, I have been pretty sick and all that, just with a cough and a cold, but its buggin me, Ive been leaving the house and working anyway, Mostly cause I hate being in the house and partly cause we have some neat investigators. but yesterday I had to stay there all day long after church to try and get better from this cough. But dont worry at all, I'm fine. Its my own fault, I just enjoy the work so I can't stay in, haha you all know me and that when i'm doing something fun the sickness doesn't matter. haha its a bad habit. I havent heard from Mrs Solomen yet. Hopefully she gets a hold of me cause there are a few things I would love to send to Jace. Some ties, haha that dude sent me a shirt from Pendlton, so im thinkin about sendin all my friends something sweet from here, haha I know exaclty what tooo. hahahahahaha there gonna love them. but yeah im gonna send a package here one of these days, with some neat things for the fam and for all the friends on missions tooo. But yeah tell the ward thank you again for all the cards and letters.I love you all soo much and you should hear more from me next week, haha were gonna have a baptism so it shold be cool. Well Im hopin it doesnt fall through. I dont think It will. I love you all and peace out.
Elder Beckstead

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