Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/22/10-Getting "HOT" again!!!

Elder Beckstead with companion Elder Contreras
from El Salvador
Looking over the city
I only recognize Elder Roberts(with the ball)
Elder Beckstead on the end!!

WOW TYSON RALPHS IS HOME-then Zac then Jesse then all the others, Then me.(kids in our ward and others that went to High School with him) haha It's all good I don't mind the mission at all right now. haha But yeah the life here is still the same, and as for that Jonny dude, he was probablly one of my better friends in the mission and helped me through some pretty hard times. haha Yeah so I can honestly say that he was an influence in my mission. (his friend from Boise that he met on the mission)I hope the teams do good there at state. haha I know they will make it, its in our blood being West Siders. As for the gym thing, do me a favor. Don't buy it or send it to me, save the money and put it into my account. I need it.(I asked him if he wanted an iron gym for his birthday??) haha The money they gave me last change went away really, really fast. Its just paying for food here kills me every change. And wow, softball is starting, thats freakin crazy. Well just think, next year when softball starts I will be very, very close to being home. haha super cool. And as for Hondo, right know is is really really HOT. haha I'm dying and my comp is dying too, he complains so much about the heat, and he's from freak El Salvador. But it's nots that bad, when May is over with, the temp will calm down again I think-or Hope anyway. As for the mission, all is well, were still workin and tryin to convert people. haha I'm in a very small area that only had 14 baptisms all of last year, so its pretty hard but I'm thinkin we can increase that number a little bit, or I hope anyway.The work is true and the Iglesia is too. Keep on truckin and moving forward. The mission is really amazing, and i'm pretty sure all the young men should go. Its seriously worth it.
Well peace out
Elder Beckstead
p.s gimmi an update on the missionaries that are gettin ready to leave from home.

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