Monday, January 25, 2010

1/25/10 Companion from Idaho Falls

Whats up fam? whats crackin? So Yeah all here is chill. My new area is finally starting to spring up with some potential, which I am very thankful for. As for the drunk, (Bolo) he couldn't quite give up la bebida, and continued drinking and didn't go to church this week, it's just that the dude has some friends that are bad influences that make him drink, it sucks though cause they treat him like crap.
But Yeah, all is well here still. We found some more people to work with so that's what we are doing here right now.
My companion is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He is pretty chill but all we do is talk in English and its killing my Spanish. I need to stop doing that. Yes, I received like 5 more packages this week, thank you very much, and tell all the ward members thank you very, very much for the cards, haha I have received like 60 letters from the members of our ward. Tell them Thanks for sure. I don't think there is anything I need to tell you at the moment. But that I love you all, Hahaha thats so awesome that you met up with Chris, did you go to his house or anything? or just to the campus??
Ha ha I miss that kid sooo much. We had some good times in Arizona.
well felizidades to Marla for the new baby, wow! I bet that house is crazy-there are so many little kids running around there now.
Tell Colby Happy Birthday too and sorry for being a little late on that one.

Ok so about the truck, If you guys wanna but the Truck, BUY IT. But talk to dad about all the options first, you all know I'm not way, way too picky and I'm willing for whatever unless you wanna buy me Tate and Chuck's old truck. Now that would be sweet. hahahahahah
But yeah, if the price falls right, get it , and I will be eternally grateful ha!

Ok but yeah, so here all is well. My area the 28 de Marzo, is very awesome, and the members here rock, there are like five that are returned missionaries and are very willing to leave and work with us. So we are working very, very hard right now and pushing the work forward. haha!
Quote of the day:WORK HARD, PLAY HARD, PRAY HARD. I saw that on a Evangelical t-shirt.
Well Love You All, thanks for the support always and thanks for everything.

Elder Beckstead

PS mom
look up this song, I heard it in a bus and I love it, it;s called TE AMO TANTO by nigga my fav ever, and my future ring tone. hahaha

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