Monday, January 18, 2010

Maybe Making a connection with Elder Austin!!!!!

OK that would be freakin awesome to see that lady and I could send a few ties to Jace through her, but I still have to find them cause seriously it's hard to find ties here that are awesome where I'm at.
But Yeah, tell Trudy the number of my phone so she can call me when she comes to Teguz. She can call me and we can meet up or something. . . haha that would be sooo cool. . (I told him that Trudy Austin called and said that the lady that Jace lived with on his mission in Washington-Mrs. Soloman will be trying to look him up. She is headed to Honduras on Jan. 28, and Jace is his good friend from grade school to High School)
My new companions name is Elder Roberts. He is from Idaho and only has 5 months in the mission. So I am teaching him Spanish more or less, because his other comps were kinda slackers. But yeah it is all going good. He's a great person and we are working hard.
But Yeah I was in Villa Vieja and I was gonna have 4 baptisms there, then they sent me to Monjaras where I was gonna have 6 baptisms. HAHA then they sent me to this place where there is absolutely nothing. HAHA its sooo freaking hard. But we have to work hard and I'm thinking we might have one baptism this change. Haha but we'll see what happens. I never did have those ten I talked about before they took me out before I could.
But yeah some elders got in to trouble for something and for that I came to this area the other missionary here did something bad so they put me in his place. We are gonna see what we can do here.

OK a neat story:
The other day there was some drunk dude in the street me and my comp thought he looked reduculous, so we decided to contact him and help him out a little bit. So we did that, and we invited him to church and all that fun stuff, thinking that he would never show up. HaHa but the next day, he came!!! hahaha so we are going to his house tomorrow to teach him and see what we can do. Hopefully he wants to change. It really kinda seems like he does. haha It was neat though, he smelled so badly of beer in church I game him some of my gum. HAHA
But yeah thats whats going on here in this part of the world. I hope everything is well for all of you and tell Terri I'm fine and not to worry about it, and Chuck, DONT COME HERE!!!hahahahaalright, in 15 months i'll be home don't even worry about it. (I told him that Terri and Chelsi aka"Chuck" worried about him and might come there and bring him home!!haha)


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