Monday, January 4, 2010

Parts of a letter to Chelsi!! December 28,2009

Tell Tate hey and it was great to talk to him tooo. haha But yeah if you ever come here il'l kill you. Unless i'm here to protect you. Seriously. Yeah ummm I shouldn't have said anything about that, ( that he was shot at his 2nd week in Honduras) I bet mom is freakin out right now. Hey and don't you worry, Im not gonna fall off the normal wagon, I've changed alot, but in a different way. The way people need to change in the mission, I just have a higher perspective on life, I have found out some very neat things about the church that make people wonder why everyone in the world is not a member. Seriously, if everyone knew all that I know about the church right now, everyone would be a member. haha Well love ya, tell Colby hi and I love him too.

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