Monday, February 28, 2011

Still in Cedeno-Setting up the Church!!

Hey there fam!!! whats up?
Hows everything going there in the US??
Everything here is great as usual. Were still havin a great time and the zone still looks really really great, weve been concentrating on finding familes recently cause were looking to turn this district into a stake here within a few months, but we need a lot more families. This place is chosen of God therefore we can do it, seriously if a missionary comes into this zone and just works hard, he has a lot of success. I love it here!!
So we had changes, Elder Brown left unfortunately, but a pretty good Elder took his place so were not too bad I guess, but it was an amazing change other than that. We lost a lot of the trouble makers and gained a ton of amazing missionaries!!! Im really excited, I didn't have changes though, which is OK cause I really like my comp and my area, but im thinkin I'll end my mission here in this area, well about 90 percent, if not ill be training and opening another area, but well see what happens. I think ill be staying which is ok.
So Tyler seems pretty excited, Im pretty excited too, Now I just got to get everything taken care of here and work really hard so we can have some baptisms and he can see what its all about.
I know that he's gonna love it here. This place is really, really cool.
So other than that nuttin much is happening here, just doing our best to find the hidden families that need and want this gospel. So far we've been pretty lucky, we have some amazing members here now so im happy, haha its weird cause everyone we baptise gets a calling right away, which is how its supposed to be. But we've had to baptise the presidents in every organization and their counselers, hahah so weve been doing a lot of training meetings and stuff, Its really fun though to see what its like to be setting up the church here for the first time. I really enjoy it but at times is easy to lose patience.
Well I love you all ~Take care of yourselves and well talk next week.
Elder Beckstead

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