Monday, February 14, 2011

Success in the new Zone!!

Hey Mom,
Whats up? Thanks for everything that your doin for me therein the states.Well this week has been awesome again. Im lovin this area more and more, We had two baptisms this weekend so I'm very content with that. We have a few more for this next weekend too! This week has been really, really crazy, We've had to do a lot of crazy divisons in order to get all our interviews done in the zone and we've had a lot of little errands to do here in the zone.
This week we did get to challenge a few more people to baptism and they accepted:), so im really excited about that. Hopefully all works out. I really love opening areas cause it puts you pretty much in charge of everything. . It's really really intense and everything depends on you, you literally can't fail or the area fails for a long time. So I'm doing my absolute best. I love my comp, his soooooooo tight, really chill andwilling to work. We're getting along great and I'm thinkin that were gonna be together another change before I recieve my last comp here in the mission, crazy huh!!!

Im soooo excited about Tyler coming to get me, I cant believe it. It's gonna be way awesome, he will love it here. Tell him to bring plenty of white shirts and ties cause he will need them haha!!!. It's gonna be wierd having to translate for him too, but its all good, tell him to study some Spanish before he comes to get it down. Also tell Tyler to get the ticket for May 10th and I will be there waiting for him at the airport, but tell him to get to work cause he's gonna need to bring another few hundred dollars to spend on transport and little things like that.Well I love you all soooo much and can't wait to hear back next week.
Peace out and have fun with the other moms ite!!!
Elder Beckstead

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