Thursday, February 24, 2011

18 Baptisms in the new Zone-A day with E Marecos!

About 9 of us missionary moms with sons in Honduras met together in SLC on Friday
We enjoyed a session at the temple and had lunch at the Joseph Smith Building
It was a great experience. The temple officiater told us that our sons would be blessed
because of our attendance. It was awesome!
Left to Right-Lori, Paige, Jody, Sherry, Linda, Renee, Robin, Rina and Bernice
Left to Right: Bernice, Sherry, Robin, Renee, Linda, Lori, Jody Paige and Rina
The four ladies on the Left have sons in San Pedro Sula and the four on the
Right have sons in Tegucigalpa!!!

Hey guys whats going on there in the US???
Everything here is going really well. This weekend was a fantastic weekend, in the zone we had 18 baptisms, which is a pretty darn good number, well i've never seen a number that high before, so were pretty proud of the missionaries here, they are all workin really hard.
It was awesome, we were also fortunate enough to have a few baptisms here in CedeƱo, I was really stoked cause I can see this place progressing alot already, it's really amazing how God does everything then just puts two missionaries in to witness the blessings. I'm still loving it.
This is kinda strange, after this week ill only have 11 weeks left in the mission and if you think about it, only 10 because Tyler is coming to get me a week early and that week is gonna fly by.
But yeah, I was able to do divisions with an ex companion of mine, Elder Marecos, this kid is probably one of my favorite comps that i've had too, he's had a pretty rough mission so it was good to go and help him out for a day and work with him. He's a real great guy, I told him that he should come to the states to study and room with me in college. I think he really wants to do it! I thought that was pretty funny but he has the way to do it so well see.
So what else is new there in the states, I guess by this time next week well know if West Side is on its way to state or not eh???
They better be, those guys have too much potental to not make it to the big dance!! So who are the posts they have there?? Tanner and who else??
So it sounds like you had a grea trip to Salt Lake, I didn't know you were such good friends with Elder Moores mom, thats crazy!! he's a real great guy and I bet an amazing missionary there in San Pedro, I do know that he is a ZL and has been for some time now so I imagine that hes tearing it up.
So that paper you sent last week, You should be getting that by today or tomorrow, I think one of the Aps is gonna call you and fax it to you or something, Why did you need that paper again????
And about the seafood, YES Im still lovin it, The fish is gettin a bit old, but its stll pretty good and I think this week were gonna be eatin a whole bunch of shrimp, so that is gonna be delicious as well. I think Im gonna make the mothers day phone call in March like the first week of March, so ill let you know with that one. I wanna talk to ya about all of that and finish it and move on here with the work to be able to finish really really strong. But make sure you apply me for classes there at ISU as well, especially psychology so I can get that class better.
But yeah, all is well here in Honduras, dont worry about me, I'm in a really really safe area and nothings gonna happen and my zone is really safe as well, everyone here loves the missionaries so all is well. Today was a weird day, I only received like 2 emails which has never happened before but thats not too bad. Well have a great day ok. I LOVE the crap outta each and everyone of you all-
Peace out until next week.
and thanks for all the information!!!!
Elder Beckstead

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  1. Uh oh! I think I snuck in on the Tegucigalpa side of the photo! :)

    I love reading E. Beckstead's letters. You have an amazing son!