Monday, March 7, 2011

Wallet Stolen in church/ Letter to Mom!!

Hey there family, whats going on?
Well yet another week has gone by here in the mission and im still pretty darn happy here in Monjaras. I love my area still even though we're starting to see a few obstacles. We're still having a lot of success and i'm lovin it. This week was great too!!! other than the whole my wallet being robbed thing, some kid snuck into church and grabbed my wallet and ran out without me knowing, then he returned the wallet but it was missing the debit card, so thats what Friday's e-mail was all about.
Sorry about that, the truth is, that it was all my fault, I left the wallet out on accident and here in Honduras things like that happen all the time, you have to be really, really aware always and you really have to take good care of your stuff. But don't worry Im fine, I just am going to have to learn how to budget my money a little bit better. Which is a good thing so in all reality its an opportunity.
So sounds like the boys HS Basketball team did alright, its too bad, they should have won it all but they beat Soda so that is whats important. I do not like Soda or Aberdeen very much. In my time in high school Malad never posed too much of a threat so I was never to worried about them therefore I dont hate them as much.
So sounds like everyone of my boys are doing good, hopefully. I can't wait to see them and give them all a big huge, hug. I think Im gonna give them the first hug, Probably Peyton, That kid is soooo strong and I miss the crap outta him.
So this week i've been really working hard to contact, before we had some references that we were working with and were always busy with, but now we have a lot more finding to do, our best investigator was attacked by a bunch of catholics and no longer wants to get baptised, which is really really sad cuz she is awesome. But we'll see. We've been contacting like crazy this week, it hard cuz my comp hates to contact and stuff but I make him, hahaha he always goes into the houses totally quiet and doesn't talk much, but thats ok, I can do it just fine, besides he always ends up teaching with me before its over anyway, its getting him into the house thats the problem. But I love the kid, Hes had a lot of challenges in his life so its cool to see the change in him and the blessings he's bringing to his family. I love joking around with him and stuff.

Here there are a lot of naked babies, everywhere you go there is a naked baby standing there staring at you, haha. So here we play a game where, every time you see a naked baby, you punch your companion. So he gets hit a lot. Its pretty fun and it keeps our spirits up. I just cant imagine going to a place in the states and seeing so many naked babies! It's pretty funny actually.
Well so thats what's new here in Honduras, you all know im not way good when it comes to writing long letters, but im trying to get better.
Love you all take care of my boys and have a good weekend.
Elder Beckstead

Hey there Mom
just wanted to send you a quick letter telling you about how much I love you and am thankful for everything you are doing. A mom from here that has a kid on the mission just walked in and had me help her print off a paper of his last letter to her, She was soooo excited I wish you could have seen her happy smiley face after recieving that email. Thats kinda how I picture you when you get my email, all giddy and crazy about it. haha well at least I hope.

Its sad, that lady really doesnt have much, well in all reality all she has is the gospel and shes really, really happy. Why can't other people learn??? Why is it soo hard??? You know, it was hard for me to gain a knowledge of this gospel due to my ignorance, but now that I have one, it will be hard to lose it.
Love you
Elder Beckstead

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