Monday, December 27, 2010

Some funny stories that happen "Only in Honduras!"

Whats up familia??? como estan todos???
Well here in Honduras were gettin pretty excited to make that phone call home!! Im thinkin that i'm gonna call Saturday at like 3 in the afternoon. So if we're one hour behind, that means that at four your time i'll be makin the call, so be ready and have a list of questions ready!!! ok!!!!
So I hope you all have a great Christmas too, I do miss going to all the kids houses the day of Christmas and seein what they got from Santa, especially Toni's house cause she would always load up on those boys, I would end up playin with all their toys too so it worked out good for me, haha
So haha!! heres a funny, only in Honduras story, So most people here have outhouses.....still, well anyway we walked past some dudes house and got to have the pleasure of seeing him outside doing the number 2. it was sooo neat!! he even saw us and really didnt think anything of it, haha seriously everywhere you go there are people peeing on the side of the road, like even downtown people will just stop what they are doing and pee on the side of the road. It's a little wierd but I think I could get used to it, I've never been to fond of bathrooms.
So another thing that happened this week, I dont know if you all know this but people here are really really small, I tower over everyone here, and weigh like ten times as much as anyone. So the other day were sittin in a lesson and i'm sittin in some guys chair, and the leg of the chair just snapped in half and down I went to the floor. I would have been more surprised but thats happened to me many times in the mission, Im just surprised they don't get mad and make me pay for the chairs.
Oh yeah, another ONLY IN HONDURAS MOMENT, we were in church in the sacrament meeting and everyone is trying to be quiet and keep reverence right??? haha then suddenly I hear someone open a pop can. hahaha it was soooo funny, but something that happens every so often here only in Honduras in your usual sac meeting.
So I have a question, Has tyler called the new coach at ISU about my Scholly?? If he could do that it would be really really cool. I would like to know.

OK the funniest thing Ive ever seen, We had a district meeting last
Thursday and a drunk dude walked in and started making a mockery of things, haha it was soooo funny, we tryed to make him leave but he didn't want to, so we just let him chill there. It was soo funny, he tried to lead music and always wanted to make comments on the lesson. Funniest thing ever.
So yeah that was a little bit of my week, a pretty eventful week if you asked me. It was pretty fun I guess, for a week in Honduras.

But yeah Love you all and Ill talk to you on Monday!!!!
Elder Beckstead

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