Monday, December 13, 2010

Today is exactly 19 months!!

Whats up MOM and family,
SO how goes the battle, hows the winter and snow there in the good ole US?? I'm guessin that its getting pretty cold, how about a white Christmas, you gonna have it this year????
So wow, Kade is going out already, thats soooooo crazy. hahah hes just starting. Well it'll be over before he knows it.
So you all better be talkin to my boys about their missions, I'm thinkin that all 7 better get their butts out there, OR ELSE. tell them I said that. haha
So it looks like i'm gonna have to chat with Tori's husband a lil then, I know several people from that area, ive never had a comp from Panama, but I do know a bunch of people from that area. And I know several people that have been called to serve there.
SO you all excited for the phone call?? I hope so, So who do you think all will be there????
So Id send
Tukker a letter but I need his address or somthing, Tell the sucker to get out on a mission and that he'll never ever regret it.
OK so I got all the packages, and I loved them, I was soooooo blessed with 4 packages this week. Chris White sent me one too and I was in heaven eating those twix bars, Tell her thanks, I loved it and its great to hear from her and hear about the familia.
And Mandis package as well, loved that one too, haha tell Chuck to quit slackin eh??? hahah just playin I know she hooked me up with the protein, thanks by the way. I love it.
So I heard the tape....I couldn't stop listening to it. hahaha I loved the part when the little boys were tellin me their favorite book of mormon stories and Colby blurts out, DRIVE SAFE OK!! hahaha I died of laughter.. So was that Jace or Judd that was talkin to me??? I really couldnt tell the difference. hes sounds a lot different. My friends sound soooo weird, Jake sounds normal, and Jakes voice is the same. That was a great part of the tape too, loved it. And tell zac and kade thanx too, they said a lot of nice things and it meant a lot to me. Tell them boys I love them!! Thanks to everyone who talked tell them I love them.
And the photo album, talk about the best Christmas pictures ever, I couldn't stop looking at it. I loved it that much. Im still lookin at it, Kate looks real good. I cant wait to throw the saddle on her and go for a ride. I hope shes trained, Hows Chirp doin???
Well I hope everything goes well, next week we'll get everything set up for the phone call ite???
Love you all and peace out
Elder Beckstead

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