Monday, October 4, 2010

Success in Villa Verde

And this is "Darbi " who he has not yet met!
These are pictures of Mitch with "his Boy's" taken in Nov. of 2008

Bottom row: Blaize, Parker, Colby, Eli and Peyton
Top row: Jaxon, Mitch and Stockton

I asked him how the boys from Cache Valley are doing? His comp went to Mountain Crest, and in his Zone is Elder Brown from SkyView. When he refers to his boys, it is his 7 nephews.

Well your boys are just fine so dont worry,
How yall doing there in the good ole West Side????
Well here I am lovin the mish still and were trying to get even more work done here in our area, but it's a little hard cuz the zone is having alot of success and we dont have much time, were always running around and working to get marriages done and others things like that. but its good, I like being busy, there for a week we werent really busy at all and I got a little bagy like they say here. SO I gotta stay busy.
It sounds like West Side is doin a good job. thats good, its good to hear about the success.
So about conference, well everthing was awesome, I loved Uchtdorfs talk on Saturday. It helped me out soooo much with how busy we are right now, and I loved all of the talks about families and parents. I really learned this weekend about how great of a mother you really were, seriously thank you sooo much, I dont think I would be here without your help and the boys help, I really am truly blessed.( And dont even think about erasing this part from the main email.) so yeah.....thanks.}
So its great to hear about my boys, make sure they know that I love them and that I am their favorite, ite. If Darbi cant say my name when I get home theres gonna be trouble.
so just so you all know. hahaha
So yeah all of the baptisms went through this weekend I was very happy about that. I'm having a great time in my new area and God really is putting people in our path everywhere I go. So yeah life is awesome.
That sucks about ISU I really wanna know whats going on there in ISU they seem to have potential and then that happens. We really need to find out what to do.
but o well.
Elder Brown goes to a ward thats about 2 hours on bus away from our area. I see him alot, but not really frequently, just Pday and Thursday. and sorry in advance if I happen to eat all the treats you send to elder Brown and Cotton. hhahahahahahaha just playin.( I told him I sent jerky and some treats to him, Brown, Thatcher and Cotton)
well I love you all and hope everything is going well there in the USA
Elder Beckstead

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