Monday, October 18, 2010

Cousin Kade received his call. So Dakota

whats up family,
so NO, nobody here is married, its soo frustrating. the mission is concentrating on families right now, but every time we find a family we have to get them married and stuff, since ive been in my area I've had to pay for 3 marriages, but its worth it cuz all the people that got baptized are pilas and already have callings and stuff in the church. so thats way cool.
So bummer that ISU lost to Weber, I even feel bad for that kicker, I bet there were lot of people really really mad at him. but o well.
All is well here in the mission, just a quick question?? when you mentioned a laptop, did that happen to be my laptop??? just wondering.
So yeah, umm I laughed out loud when I heard Kades call. Im sorry but that just sounds so perfect for him. hahaha everyone is starring at me like im crazy or something.
Ite so what else is new with the future missionaries from West Side. I think there are quite a few of them there. but who knows, I know Brady will be takin off here pretty dern quick as well. so when does Kade leave??
Man when you said you were there watchin football I about died, you don't know how badly I wanna watch football right now. and play it, Today we did play a little bit here in Hondo, but it wasnt anything special. so yeah I played QB though. Oh and Elder Brown did throw me a touchdown pass too. So that was neat I guess. I had fun. Elder Thatcher is way good.
So its good to hear that everyone is doin good and stuff, sounds like West Side has a tough game this weekend, they better win or else. haha who am I to talk with ISU hahaha.
SO about hna dixon, yes I have seen her several times, I have never been in the same zone as her, but I have talked to her several times.
Well its sweet to hear that y'all saw Rod n stuff. haha i loved that kid, hes really really crazy.
but a really good person. Its to bad hes had a few problems there on the team. I just hope things go a little better. Hey have you guys seen Benny Laporta play??? I hung out a lot with him in college too, but im not even sure if he plays anymore, you should find out there for me. that would be sweet. Ite well Thats all for this week. I love you all very much and still hope that god blessses me with a new truck when I get home. hahaha just kiddin sort of.
Love you
Elder Beckstead

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