Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Sweet Baptism Pedro and Olga!!

Hey family whats going on??? Hows the battle going out there in the yunais. ha as they say here in Honduras.
Well its sounds like everything is going well, and I keep seeing pictures of this freakin adorable girl that I wanna hug and hold soooooo bad, but shes quite a ways a way so im gonna have to wait about 7 months, but when I get there I CALL HER!
OK, So mom, ur Spanish is gettin pretty good there, dont worry, when I get home we'll have some neat chats and stuff, y tambien con la abuela. vamos a hablarnos solamente en el español, a fin de que aprenda mas mi abuela y espero que ella se ecuentre bien y con dios siempre. pues la extraño y pienso en ella diario. y tambien de los demas de la familia. incluso mi tio extraño WAYNE HOLE. jaja
ite? Send that To Grandma and tell her thank you sooooooo much for the support and that I love her con todo mi corazoncito. ja ok
Tell Bruce and Jeri thanks alot too, they are awesome people and I cant wait, tell Bruce that were gonna have a barbeque when I get home.
Its gonna be a good time. You know, im not gonna have to much time to work cuz im gonna be playin it up there in Idaho, and Chris wants me to go to Arizona as well, which would be really, really fun as well, so my summer is gonna be a busy one, but I dont wanna think about that right now.
I gotta keep going hard core in the work. This week we had a sweet baptism, We baptised an old couple, his name is Pedro and hers is Olga. They are awesome and crazy. haha First we married them, then they were baptised in the same day. Hno Pedro already has a calling. So were way excited about it.
So mande saludos a toda la familia. Espero que todos esten bien and tell mi tio whats up as well.
So I got the package today and me and my comp enjoyed some amazing no bake cookies. They were soooooooooooooooooooogoood thank you sooo much. and the tootie fruitys as well. I was in heaven this morning.
LOVED IT thanks soooo much
Well about the classes and major thing, I sent you a letter explaining all of that. so I hope you get it, and I sent some money for Lincoln Mumfords kids and Lukes kids, so they have some cool limpiras. I hope they like them. I was thinkin the other day that I wonder if they still play ball there in the churh in the morning. That would be sweet to play when I get home. ha
I love you all and sorry if my email is boring this week. I'm a lil short on time. I love you all and have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

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