Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things going good in Valle Verde!!

Hey whats up,
Well hows everything going there in the big USA.
I bet pretty darn good.
Well im still here in the neatest place in Honduras, OJO DE AGUA or water of eye. Its a very interesting place.
but im enjoyin my time here, yesterday we got to marry two couples, so that was something very interesting and fun. the marriage went super well and we are going to be baptising the people conference weekend. We had to get special permission to be able to do that, but thats how were gonna do that. Can you imagine, to be baptised and be able to see the Prophet talk right after. Its gonna be awesome.
but yeah other than that all is well, Its a very busy life bein a ZL, ha! we're always running everywhere trying to get people baptised. Were gonna have a pretty good month though here in the zone Valle Verde, im pretty excited.
SO yeah , whats good there at home, anything new happening, I met a gringo the other day who said the situation is pretty lame with politics and stuff, but we wont talk about that.
Tell Tyler that I hope he is there when I get home, we'll have some good talks about football and stuff.
So yeah tell me what else is new there too, how about West Side football, we better still be dominating and stuff, its sad to hear about ISU but its a little too normal. Really I hope things change around for next year cause I cant stand losing. Tell Grandma to keep up the good work too, ha I told my comp about her the other day about how she still runs barrels and tears it up and he was astonished at how good she is. She really is an amazing lady though, I really need to spend a week or two down there in Salt Lake when I get home to chill wit em. That'll be really sweet.
I cant believe you went and met Elder Carvers mom, haha i was talking to Elder Carver the other day, he is such a stud.
Elder Brown is right here next to me and he says, HELLO. and that he loves you.
and Thatcher says it too.(all three boy's are from here in Cache Valley)
so i really dont know what else to tell yall
but to have good day and week. take care of yourself and peace out homy.
Elder Beckstead

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