Monday, September 20, 2010

Missionary obtains 40 yrs of knowledge in 2 years!

Que Hondas familia?
Well it sounds like everyone there in Idaho is well, i was thinkin about it too and I think that Peyton should be hittin up a whole bunch of football camps to get prepared for high school ball so he can be startin by his freshman year. which is expected. hahaha
So thats to bad about Idaho State, especially cause Northern Colorado Sucks. man they need to get something going there in poky. I wanna play some good ball next year.
Whats new there in Idaho? Here all is the same, we have to marry like 3 people so they can get baptised, which is normal and what not. but were having some problems, Satan really doesn't want this work to progress and its true that he has his own power as well and if the people have no desire to overcome that power, its hard to help them.
So yeah ummmmm in 8 months ill be home, I dont know if you all knew that already, but wow that has gone by really fast. I cant believe how much I have learned over the past 16 months here in Honduras. Its true what Brother Goodrich (seminary teacher)said about that whole thing that a missionary obtains 40 yrs of knowledge in two years on the mission. ha thats increadible.
So Chuck was talking to me about a whole bunch of things going down there in Idaho like a whole bunch of my friends that are married and or pregnant. WOW things really are changing eh???
IM just freakin freakin out hahaha.(guess who that was?)
so yeah
um what else is new here, haha nothing. Oh yeah, so about that one thing with the young womans. ( the RS and the YW are having an activity and wants the missionaries to tell why they feel that the Young Women needs to encourage the Young Men to go on missions) Honestly I dont think I could be here without the example that they gave me, and imagine, I want to marry a perfect girl, which means I want to marry a girl that has a testimony of the gospel. And every girl in college that I would have married hahaha told me that they would never marry anyone unless it was a returned missionary. It's true cause missionaries learn sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much in these two years and really obtain a testimony of this beautiful gospel. Plus a testimony of the temple and a more powerful desire to go there with there family. So I dont know, id say that every girl should wait for a returned missionary. And im not just saying that cause thats what I will be.
so yeah i wrote that fast, hopefully that makes sense.
So what else is new there in the states, I met a gringo the other day and he said the situation there is gettin pretty ugly. Im not sure if I really want to know.
well thats all i got for tday. love you all and have a great day
Elder Beckstead

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