Monday, September 6, 2010

I asked him if he knew what day he was coming home?? It would sure help me out in Softball if he could be home the first part of May. The day we dropped him off at the MTC, my team was playing in the State Tournaments and I had to fly to Boise and then fly to Lewiston Idaho to meet up with my team. This year if we make state and they will take 2 teams from our district, I would have to fly to Orifino Idaho. Chelsi and Mandi think before mothers day would be the best hahaha!!! The picture he is talking about with E Contreres is the one I posted last week.

Whats UP?????
Hows everyone doing there at home. so sorry if there are errors in this mail, the space bar does not work very well.
So first of all, tell JD that he's a stud and that i would love to help him out when I get home, but tell him to be ready cause im gonna get into it pretty hardcore.
about that, well I dont know, when would you like me to come home???? I could go home before mothers day if you would like. I personally would like to,I think,to have more time to get ready for ball. Seriously, im gonna start that year at ISU or wherever I go so I need all the time I can get. I have to start. But Yeah my finish date is the 17th of May, but I could be home for the 10 if you write me a letter saying that its ok I just need to talk to my president. I would like to extend instead, but I cant leave football behind for that long.or i wont be as prepared for the season.
So yeah, we have changes this miercoles,(Wednesday) and im pretty sure ill be leaving my area and moving somwhere else, but i'm not sure. I would like to stay another change, but well see.
So that comp there is Elder Contreres, he's from Costa Rica, Gardner left a long time ago.
WOW ISU won, im sooo stoked right now,haha even though it was western montana. But i think that will help us out a lot for the rest of the season.
Just think, I would have been there if i would have played for western montana and not ISU. hahaha what a good decision.
So after tomorrow I have 5 changes left, how weird is that. Time really is flying by, and I know I dont want it to end yet, I have to do all I can in these months to tear this place apart and baptise all the catrachos (Hondurans)I can. jajaja
O yea, think about it, I really am thinkin about being there like the 5th of May too, man but I dont know.
We'll See im gonna talk to president, but tell me what you think.
So yeah Alonzo is the older one in the back, the two elders and he had ties. so thats how you can tell. so yeah.
This keyboard is killin me, so im gonna go before I lose my patience.
Tell everyone I Love them and ill see you next week.
Elder Beckstead

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