Monday, September 13, 2010

Changes. . . Valle verde/Ojo de agua/ New comp. . .

Whats up family.
sorry I dont have much time today but ill see what i can do in the time that i have, if there are errors sorry, like i said the computers are not very nice.
Ok well your right I did get a change and guess what, I'm comps with another cache valley boy, his name is Elder Thatcher and i'm way stoked, I think you already know him more or less, but yeah we're here together in a little place called ojo de agua. This place is alone though, were literally in the middle of no where and if I thought there wasn't much food in my old area, I was mistaken cause here there is nothing, hahahaha. Im gonna be cookin alot.
So yeah im way excited about this change and Elder Brown is also in my zone, he is actually my DL here in Valle verde so thats way awesome too.
So that sucks about Idaho state, but dont worry, next year we'll be better, hahaha but yeah that coaches name in steve amrine or something like that and he is the safteys coach. Hes way cool i think, i dont know I never really talked to him to much.
So yeah about the goin home early thing, im leaning towards extending so far, but im not sure I need to think more about it cause I really am gonna need to gain a lot more weight before football and get a lot faster as well, so well see what happens with that whole thing.
So whats new there at home, sounds like boys football is tearing it up, thats a good thing.
So tell me where kade ends up going.
The work is awesome the only problem that we have is that we need to help like 4 couples get married and we'll be able to have a lot of baptisms but until then were still looking and working hard.
Well I have to go, sorry, but I love you all very much and hope you have a great time there in the USA
Elder Beckstead

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