Monday, August 30, 2010

His convert baptised someone!!!

Yeah! He sent another picture!!!
Elder Contreres is his companion-from Costa Rica. . .
And Alonzo is in the back in the middle.

This is probably one of my favorite e-mails yet. . . His mission dream was fulfilled this week!!
Alright before I send you some pictures, you always ask me about the work and I always tell you about how busy I am. Well I decided to send you a picture of some cool things that have happened here in my area. So yeah we had a very successful week, um in this picture there are 3 families, one of the families has a very interesting story. The mans name is Jose Lainez and he had a very hardcore problem with smoking and stuff like that. So one day I was walking down the street and I saw some guy walking next to us, so while walking with him my comp starting talking to him, at this time I was on divisions and was with an elder named Elder Rivera, well anyway he started talking to him, and he invited us to his house, so we went to his house and talked to him about the gospel and three months later he got baptised and confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and brought 3 friends to church to see his confirmation so were gonna be teachin three more families from him. It really is very important to talk to everyone being a missionary, I can literally say that I have seen miracles happen. This man, Jose Lainez, smoked 40 cigarettes before and now ZERO and used to drink coffee and now doesnt and his family are now members of the one true church on this earth.
Well there you are a neat picture. O and the one with a tie is Alonzo, and the bigger lady and two of the young ones there are from referels that Alonzo gave us. ha he got to baptise them on Saturday, which was my dream in the mission, My convert was able to baptise someone else while I was still here. I truly have been blessed. Now you always ask me for a neat story, so I decided to tell you one. But dont be hoping for too many more, cause many of them are sacred to me and things that will change me forever. So there it is.
Love you all
Elder Beckstead

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