Monday, August 2, 2010

New Companion-another Eder Contreras-from CR

Chelsi and Mandi
Just before biathlon 15 miles on bike, and 3 running. . .
We never have pics on the mission so I will put pictures from home
in the blog. . .(7-31-2010 Preston Idaho)
HEY HEY HEY whats up family
how are you all doing, well its sound awesome just as I am here in the south in Choluteca Honduras its very interesting here and very humbling still as always.
So That is soooo awesome about Chuck and Mandi, hahaha I couldnt help but chuckle a little bit at what happened to Chuck there, I just thought about how mad she would have been. haha she is crazy.(they both competed in a biathlon Saturday-they made Chelsi/Chuck go back and tell them her number so she was not happy about that because she has a number pinned on her and written on her arm and leg) But congrats to both of them in the race, next they need to try a triatholon, hahaha after Mandis next child that is. Im thinkin that here pretty quick another ones gonna come outta no where, I think she'll have 4 in total, thats probably gonna be my goal, that is if I have time before the second coming.
So things here are normal, were still workin hard, but I did have a change and that was awesome, I have a comp from Costa Rica right now, and he speaks a litttle English but not much. so yeah His name is Elder Contreras, so he's my second comp with that name. But I loved my last comp with that name so well see, so far all is very well. But we are a little stressed out with alot of work thats been going on. But little by little were gettin caught up. Man Im startin to love this work, literally more and more everyday, and I wanted a Latin comp again and I got one so im way excited.
SO about the rodeo, thats unfortunate about Grandma and Terri, but theres always next year. And guess what, next year I will be there and be ready to cheer on Grandma as well. How fun is that gonna be but were done talkin about that, haha im not that trunky. I will say this, once again im gettin the strange realization of that the mission will end eventually, which is kinda sad I think. I thought about it today and if they made me go home for some problem that there might be here in the country I would be sooooo upset. WOW I love this place, not cause its well developed by any means, but because it Honduras. haha crazy place.
So about Spanish, I think those test are really easy, well from what I hear. So im thinkin well get those 16 credits pretty easily. Im, sure if I can hold my own in a conversation here in Honduras I should be able to pass the test, seriously its sooo weird being able to understand the language here, like reading and stuff for me is not quite yet like english, but gettin there. ITS SOOOO WEIRD and an amazing talent that I will be able to use forever, what a blessing that God gave to me to be able to be here in Honduras and talk Spanish and learn it. Im stoked.
As for the schooling stuff. Dont worry to much about all that stuff right now, just know that id like to register and when we talk in December we'll talk about the rest of the stuff, Plus I get two calls a year so ill probably call ya in like March or something due to the fact that ill be home around Mothers day. But dont get too excited aout that yet ITE.
Well I love you all and it was amazing to be able to email you all again today and tell you how thankful I really am that I have such and amazing family and friends, how truly blessed I am to be able to grow up in a place like Clifton Idaho as well. WOW what a blessing, God really was looking out for me as I pray that he looks out for each and everyone of you all each and everyday.
Take care of yourselves and don't do anything stupid alright.
Elder Beckstead

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