Monday, July 26, 2010

Mitch runs into Elder Cole Richards at Mission Office/Read D&C 4

Darbi (his only niece)turned a year this week-and Mitch has never seen her
since I never get pics from him, I decided to put her picture in here.

Ok fam, whats up.
ok so first of all I want you all to know something. I love my mission more than you will ever think, I love the people here in Honduras and I am willing to give up whatever it takes to help the humble people here become richly blessed. So dont worry, The only reason I talked about football was because time really is flying by, and I dont want to miss the chance to get ready, besides, im not doin anything. You are all doing it for me.
SO DONT WORRY if you have any questions read one of my favorite scriptures in D&C 4. I love that scripture.
OK so now we got that out of the way we can talk some more football. hahaha just playin!!
SO Alonzo is freakin awesome, this Sunday he told me that he was in love with the church, haha he shows up 30 min early everyday and the dude loves me. ha and I do admit I love that guy, I need to help him get to the Temple in December~ prepare him that is.
So yeah, I still do not enjoy traveling either just so you know, in fact today I had to go to Teguz again and drop off an elder, and when we got to the bus stop, it was full, so we had to stand in between the seat for 3 hours until we arrived to Teguz. Wow talk about a miserable ride.
So my comps name is Pojoy (pohoi) just until Wednesday though, haha that dude can talk the ear off an elephant. but I love him. haa thats exactly why I love him too, is cause he's him and nobody else, its neat how every person has their own special features, like cars, hahaha i gotta get home and find me a sexy red chevy.
So the pics were awesome by the way, Darbi really has grown up alot, I cant wait to see her in 9 months and to kiss her little head and hold her, she better not cry you know. I know she missed me the most in the family. hahaha
Speakin of cars, how bout that truck eh. haha there are no question mark thingys on this computer so sorry for the gramatical errors.

So yeah, Today something amazing happened, I saw and talked to Cole(Elder) Richards haha hes grown alot and he speaks in a deeper voice. ha Wow that was neat seein him there in the mission office and givin him a big hug. we chated for some time, he looks really good and like he's lovin life and thats a good thing.
(Cole is a lifelong friend of Mitch's-went to school from grade school to graduation with Mitch. They played all sports together. Cole is in Honduras, Comayagua-Mitch thought they'd never meet)

So I met Elder Zolmans family, haha they are so cute. His mom and dad are awesome, they came and ate lunch one day at the same place I was eating. At a members house, and so I saw them and stayed for the cake. It was awesome.
So yeah, thats my week I love you all and have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

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