Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey family,
Well another week has come and gone here in the hearth of Central America, the work is really going well and I LOVE THE people here. For this weekend here in the zone Choluteca Norte we are working really hard because there are a possible number of 21 baptisms here in the zone, but im really nervous because many of the baptisms are really ify, So were gonna work our hardest to try and tear this place up here this week. but well see.
So yeah
So the other day our ward mission leader showed up to our mission correlation with a shirt on that said ¨all I want for christmas is- santas list of naughty girls¨ haha I asked him if he knew what it meant and he said no I thought that was pretty stinkin funny!

So today for P-day we did something really fun, we played football again. Man that was sooo worth it too, I miss that game soo much. Seriously, the other day, just out of pure curiosity I ran a 40 yard dash and timed it, I ran it in 4.70, which is a lil slower than before and not good enough so im gonna have to start runnin alot more again. As for food, we usually ask the members to hook us up with food, but they never give us enough, so I always have spaghetti there in the house waiting for me for when the works done for the day.
So the other day I taught a workshop class to our entire zone, this was like 4 weeks ago, but yeah during that time I challenged every missionary to only teach with the book ofMormon, well every missionary in our zone. I seriously have gained such a strong testimony of the book of Mormon in the little time I have in the mission. That BOOK IS AMAZING. I know that the faster that book is in the hands of an investigator, the faster that person progresses and or gets baptized. It's really incredible some of the things that have happened here due to the book of Mormon.
So yeah I got my camera Fixed and no I have not seen any bugs lately and yes the iguanas are everywhere. as for the weather, Im going crazy. I wake up in the morning and its hot, and brutally HOT HOT HOT, then at around 5 every day, it rains. But it doesn't only rain, it POURS and gets everything allll wet. Its awful. I come home everyday to a wet house with wet clothes and wet everything. Im sooo tired of that. I just want one of those normal days we used to have back in Idaho, with out the crapy weather, or maybe they'll send me to Teguz where the weather isnt as bad.
whew Im just glad im not in el triunfo, haha there the weather was bad and we never ever had any power either. hahahaha just things that happen here in the mission. count ur blessings.
I would tell you the most important thing I learned, but that would go against conduct. Some things I keep between me and My journal. Sorry I just dont like sharing some things with everyone.

well thats all i got, really as time goes on I run out of things to say cause for me, well im used to the life here now, nothing really stands out to me anymore. Im really runnin out of things to say. well have fun and peace out.
Elder Beckstead

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