Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change of Companions/Fun activity-Watched Remember the Titans-made him think of Football!!!

So whats up family, wow I can't believe another week has gone by, but at the same time I can't believe Cole never wants to arrive at the year mark. WOW crazy that dude must love it here. I should bring him here to the south after the mich, this part of Honduras is completely different, hardcore different. (Cole is his friend who is in Comayagua Honduras-closer to Tegucigalpa)
SO im gonna have to go down to San Marcos again and talk with those people from the states about all that stuff. The medics and stuff.(I told him that I read that a medical team was going there for a week or two)
SO sorry I wrote so late, I had to plan an activity today, and the food took wayyyyyyyyy to much time and so I had to clean up and fix everything, you know life was a little easier before I become a zl, haha but I'm learnin soo much its crazy. Seriously. I never even thought about some of the things before and now I have to learn to work with them, hmmmmmmmm lets think of an example, well sometimes when you get a good lift in, you wake up the next day with soreness in places you´d never thought existed. haha thats kinda how it is. Weird, I hope you understood that example. If not well sorry I speak Spanish all day long.
By the way about that, I got a new comp, kinda, there was a problem in the zone this week and we had to seperate to a compaƱonship. We seperated that companionship and my comp went with one of them and I took one of them here in my area. So I have a new comp and his name is Elder Pojoy from Guatemala, haha neat huh, his name is Pojoy. haha What a funny name, I give him crap for that all the time. its fun. but yeah, I think my time with Elder Gardner is about over, BUT WOW, I can see how people don't get along with Elder Pojoy, haha he's super weird. ha really I realized how much calmer I've become. When he got here, im just chill and put up with his crap and relax, but other people cant take him. ha He's a great guy and really tries hard, but fails. haha thats a bad way to put it, but its true. :)
OK so that picture of Jesse killed me, hahaha that made me a lil baggy, that dude is living it up isn't he. he looks way good. I miss that fool,(I sent him a picture I found on FB of Jesse~he is in a lawn chair with a cowboy hat and sunglasses on fishing)
By the way I have been keepin in touch with Jace and Ricky and Sid but thats it, I know nothing of everyone else.
Wow I just got soo excited to hear about my horse, ( I told him his horse is now broke and I am riding her-when he left she was not trained) im gonna ride that sucker when I get home, I cant wait to go on a long horse ride by myself just chillin, that's something I really do want to do, and buy a really fancy pair of wranglers and a cowboy hat and hit up some rodeos. ha that would be interestin, can't you just see me with my huge butt jammed in a pair of wranglers,(at this point no!!) wow thats gonna be a sight to see. We'll have to take pictures, about that, when I get home, I dont wanna go buy new clothes until the end of summer, cause I have a feeling that im gonna put on about 50 pounds there in the first few weeks. Eating good ole American fast food, yeah thats right a number 12 from Big Jays with not one but two bean burritos with sour cream, haha here if you ask for a burrito its a certain plate of food that everyone eats, traditional plate of food.
So im workin on takin alot of pictures, like I said, I broke my camara so I had to fix it then I'm gonna take pictures, So dont worry, im workin on it.

OK so about football, I want Tyler Gohring or Brown, or Tyson Moser, to kinda help me out with a few films. If ISU doesnt hold my scholarship, im gonna go somewhere else and play I think like walk on at Weber. So well see about that, but try and get that info out so its easier, I need to know by next January. I'm gonna keep workin out, I think im gonna run alot more here in these next few weeks to keep up my speed, I tell you what the air down here really sucks.
But I will say this, I dream, about playin football every night and whenever i'm lost in thought I think about football and my family. I'm not even kiddin you and today we watched remember the Titans, so im gettin really antsy. So if you could get that done for me that would be super dooper awesome. thank you.
well I duuno what to tell you, we're teachin a family right now, and they came to church on Sunday, but the dad has to quit smoking and he's been addicted for like 30 years , so were gonna get him baptized here as soon as he stops smoking, you shoulda seen it, haha 3 hours without a cigarette about killed him. But hes gonna make it.
Well thats the update, i kinda rambled off there for a few seconds, but I really would like to know about this football information. so please HELP ME OUT
ok and dont worry i keep communication with ISU as well, but I want more options.
so yeah thank you
well volvceremos a celebrar juntos
I love you all sooooooooo much and cant wait to see you again in 10 months.
Peace out
Elder Beckstead

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