Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's happens each day for Mitch!!!

(I asked him what an average day is like for him) OK so my usual day is this, I wake up and do some push ups, then at 8:00AM. I study until 10AM, then at 10AM I study Spanish and try to learn more words. At 11 we leave for the day of work. We eat at 12 and at 5 at night and when we're not eating were lookin for people to teach and knockin on doors and stuff. It's neat and boring sometimes, but that's what we do. I really can't tell you exactly what we do because it changes everyday. Just ask me when I call for Christmas. hahahaha by then school will be half over and I will be home in 4 months, neat huh. So it's super awesome that you all went to that elders homecoming, so did he look good and all that or what??? He was an awesome elder, he worked hard and served a lot of people which is a good thing.haha I cant wait to see all these pictures and stuff of the baleadas, (his friend Antonio sent me pics and a recipe of them making baleadas-now we-his boy's are going to make them and send him pictures) and I wonder how they will turn out. They are way-way good here. So tell me what else is new, I can't believe that all those friends are gonna be home before I know it. (his buddies and cousin are returning from their missions in the next 2 months) That's freakin crazy. Then it's pretty much my turn.
So I need you to do me a favor and have Tyler Gohring e-mail me. I need to ask him a few things and have him do me some favors for football if thats alright. Ive been in contact with Ricky and Sid and they sound awesome, but not quite as awesome as Jesse who seems to be loving life quite a bit. They are all either home or very, very close to gettin home which is awesome. I bet they were amazing missionaries. I'm way stoked to see them in a few years. wow ten months, I really thought I would never be at this point, I give my comp a lot of crap cause he doesn't have a year yet, haha and when he has a year ill have 15 months, I swear time just keeps going by. The month of June went by really slow though.
Today we had an activity in a place called San Marcos, its awesome, seriously this place is sooooo cool. It's super hard core, like clean and neat and there are amazing people everywhere, its great. I wanna be here someday. But it'll be a while before I could be here. But yeah life is just tiring. I'm exhausted and need to sleep but can't because there is no time. That's one thing about the mission, busy busy busy every day, I'm this close to freaking freaking out. hahaha I wonder if you can remember where that quote is from. But yeah I love you all and have a great day ok
Elder Beckstead

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