Monday, June 14, 2010

Three e-mails!!!

Mitch wrote to Chelsi, Mandi and Me-so I decided to share some from each letter!!
To mom and dad and I asked a lot of questions:
Whats Up Whats Up.

Well first to answer the questions, I feel fine, im takin some pills that are helpin me out a ton, but dont worry, I think it was a bladder infection, but still members in my ward want me to go to the clinic, and really that place is aweful and I dont wanna go. So we will see, but I'm working and everything is fine.

OK well what made me sick was some food a family gave me once, the lady has nothing and was super nice to give me food, but she's not real clean, and I got sick from it, but like I said, don't worry I feel fine now,
And dont worry, Im drinkin good water, We bring in pure water in bottles and that is what we drink so dont worry about that, they purify it here in Honduras and a member owns it I think so dont worry. (what a relief)
Ok I'm sorry to say this, but you dont need to ship me anything. JUST MONEY PLEASE, do not waste money on packages and just send money, If I need something I will tell you but i'm buyin some neat things right now so im almost out again I think. Just send money or put it in my account or something, I just wanna buy a few more neat things and i'm done.(I guess I will just send $$$$$$)
Yes I got my package from Zach's report, its was super cool, but the dude sounds a little different, i'm not sure how to explain it but just different.(Zach is his cousin that returned in Feb from his mission)
Yes I got the Gramh Crackers and yes they were amazing, I loved every second of that, but like I said, dont worry about that, Dont worry about packages, just send money.($$$$ OK OK OK ) haha I dont want to sound harsh, So please just letters and money, NO more newspapers either cause its against the rules, if there is something cool, just save it and I will read it when I get home. Thank you.
As for the clothes, I will look around but really there is nothing here in Honduras. Seriously all the clothes they have are clothes shipped in from the states, but I will definately look around for you. See what I can find. (I asked him to buy me a skirt from there-I'm curious what he will find)
Yes I have my camera, but its broken and I have to fix it I think, which is gonna cost me like 1000 limps. So it might be a while before I can fix it, but yea i'll have her done here pretty quick.
NO that P-day happened in Teguz where Enique R. Falabella (first Quorum of the Seventy)was at, I was here in the south when they had that cool party thing.
As for food, we just kinda bum around here lookin for food, there is a sister that gives us food but I dont really like going there becasue she doesnt give us very much food and all it is, is beans and tortilla, seriously though, come on, at least throw some rice on there.
Well yes I do in fact know elder Mann, he is actually an Elder here in my zone in Choluteca North. I know him very well actually.
(I am going to try to make tortilla's so I asked him if they all have those things that make them or do they mash them down with a rolling pin or what??) About the tortillas, it all depends on the person, some people make a lot of tortillas so they have a lot of machines and stuff, but others just make them from time to time so they dont make as many. So it all depends.
Yes we do have changes this week to be exact, really i'm not sure whats gonna happen but I can tell you all that I kind of want to have changes this week. IM tird of the situation that im in. So were gonna find out about all this here pretty soon Im thinkin.
And yes Elder Juan was my comp and I can tell you that really, he is one of the favorites that I have had, He's a stud haha even though he got in trouble he's still a great kid, he just needs someone to push him and he's fine.

Alright so there it is, hopefully I got some of your questions answered, So it's crazy that all these people are gettin married and stuff, its kinda trippin me out actually im surprised that Raquel didnt even wait a year, so who is she gettin married to??(his friend Josh who is in Riverside Ca. old girlfriend) Do you know???
But yeah next week Ill inform you all of changes and what happened here in Honduras.
Love you all and will talk to you all later.
Elder Beckstead
To Mandi:
whats up whats up, so all is well here in the south, kinda missin football I wont lie but I can't do anything about that, If there is something Ive learned here in the mission its this, If there is nothing that you can do about it, dont waste your time worrying about it. Some things are so hard but you just gotta keep going and forget and push the things behind you. so yeah, the pictures are awesome, Chirp is freakin huge by the way and it looks like you added on to the pen that you all had there, which is neat.(chirp is our pet lamb) Zach sheared his wool today-he learned how to shear sheep on his mission. On the reservation in Az.)
Well I love you all and Ill talk to ya later
Elder Beckstead
To Chelsi:
HAhAHAHAHA Im gonna need a pic of Colby in his t ball uni, hahaha what a neat kid.
OK so its official, im dying, I have the cutest neice in the entire world and I can't hold her and won't be able to for another year, IM freakin out right now. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well 11 months hahaha, dont worry i'll be home before you know it. but yeah chuck (Chelsi's nick-name)I love you to death and send me some pictures Ite!!
thanks love
Elder Beckstead
PS I still have bad breath :)

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