Monday, June 7, 2010

West Side news letter post!!

(This is what he sent to put in the West Side News Letter. A lot of his friends will be returning soon.)
Alrighty then, Whats up Elderes and Hermanas. How are you all doing? How goes the battle in your parts of the world? Here in Honduras its pretty much the same ole same ole, Its Hot, with the occasionaly rain storm that floods everything, then Hot the next day again. The food isnt bad either, If you like beans, rice, eggs, and tortillas. ha But I love that stuff now.

So its kinda weird to think that I have about 14 months already in the mission and that by this time next year I´ll be waking up and preparing me for something other that preachin the Gospel. And that here very soon a ton of my friends will be home and goin to school and movin on with life. WOW its crazy. So I guess Ive realized that two years is a very short time, and we really need to use every second of that time workin our hardest for the Lord and pushing forward his work. Its true, the church is true and I know it with all my heart. I love you all cuidense mucho y exitos y animos siempre.
y que les vaya muy bien en la obra.

Elder Beckstead

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