Monday, April 12, 2010

Hoping for a baptism!!

Hey so whats up fam. How goes the battle and how goes life? Here it's about the same in all truth. We're workin hard still and the area is super hard. We are trying to baptise this seventeen year old kid, he wants to sooo bad, but the poeple he lives with won't sign the paper to give him permission. Is that not the dumbest thing ever. And guess what? They are members that always go to church. is that not super stupid???? I was thinking that i'm going to have to go over to their house and shave to poo out of them, haha so they give him permission. aha hopefully. So here, all is well and cool like I said. Fast Sunday was alright, but I didn't get the chance to stand up and bear my testimony. The members here in the city are willing to talk more. In the South not as many have a testimony so the elders share their testimonies, but here in the city, the members are a lot stronger and a lot are returned missionaries. .
So how are the boys?
Your softball team sounds super tough, I hope you do well at state this year, just dont lose to Malad Ok. (It is going to be hard to even make it to state. I hope we do!! We played Malad 3 times last year and they beat us all three. They never lost any players this year so they should be tough to beat)
Next year at this time I'll be almost home hahahahahaaha yay. Just playin, the mission is tight. I think at this time next year I won't want to come home. I miss you all so much that in the end, I will come home. Thats super weird to think about though, I will say that. Alright, what else to tell you all??ok thats all I got. I love you all and hope for the best and pray for you all every day at least twice a day.

Elder Beckstead

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