Monday, April 19, 2010

A Dog in Church!!!

Well looks to me like im gonna have to turn you all in for sendin me naked pictures of a chick, even though she is pretty freakin cute, maybe not this time!!!! ( Chelsi was giving Darbi a bath and I sent him a picture shes 9 months!) I wanna get home and kiss that girl soo freakin fast, Im gonna fake sick, come home for a week, kiss that adorable little girl, and then come back to the mission. OM gosh!! Love that.
Ok well your gonna have to fill me in on Jesses homecoming, so when does Jeff leave for the mish??? and Drew too, haha rhyme. I cant believe it, there just all growin up on me. Im not really sure what i'm gonna do, its so weird that the high school days are over. Now all of my group has to grow up and be big boys and girls. Well fill me in on the marriage situation, are there gonna be girls there for me when I get home??? haha I hope so Ive been lookin for investigators every day and i'm not sure I can keep lookin for investigators when I get home, and usually there not interested believe it or not.
So the answer is yes, I have recieved the package and its killing me, or like they say here, no aguanto, something like that. (This is his birthday package and it has funfetti cake mix and the canned frosting-he is calling it topping) The other day I was in our house and I looked over at the topping and just couldnt take it, I opened it up and starting eating it, seriously I havent tasted anything like that in soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolong, it was soooooooooooooooooooo good. I had to take it to a members house and there they are gonna hide it from me, its a good thing too, how am I supposed to help people with the word of wisdom if I can't handle a little addiction. I cant wait to eat that cake though.

Ok so a first, Sunday a dog walked into the chapel, and get this, NOBODY DID ANYTHING. haha the kids all just sat there and laughed and the adults just sat there, I went to get it and throw it out but it started yelping, and yeah in that moment everyone stared at me. So the dog just kinda chilled in the meeting, how weird is that. At one point it went up to the front and stood on its two hind legs and acted like a speaker. And yet still, nobody did anything about it. hahahaa WELCOME TO HONDURAS!!! Then finally someone stood up and chased it out, one lady did throw a shoe at it. haha neat Im not gonna forget that one, the lady is super strange too, looks just like the type of person that would do that.

So I read Jesses email, my comp was actually asking me about that the other day, hes like ¨hey comp how come we never go and bible bash¨ I told him it got us nowhere and that he should study more the Book of Mormon, then hes like, no I have to be ready, so this week I'm going to take him to talk to a pastor from the Evangelical Chruch. It's super fun cause they don't have a clue and you can destroy them. But like Jesse says, It gets you nowhere. You can really set them up super good too, they trip all over themselves all the time. One time I had one lady soooo confused by her own words that finally she said, well I like my church more so im gonna stay here. I told her she was pretty much doomed and went on my way. It was neat but there are actually churches that make there leaders read the Book of Mormon just to be able to bible bash with us and we always win. In churches here, they give classes on how to bash with Mormons too, haha they come locked and loaded and always go home sad and finished:(. So thats what I have on bible bashing. And yes I always saw the transvestites there in Monjaras. haha they were sooo weird and would always whistle at you and tell you they love you. The other day I saw one of them dudes that was drunk stumbling all over himself/herself. haha it was not very pleasant, she/he seemed to like my comp quite a bit. he was freaked out a little. Other than that I don't know what to tell you all.
Kevin is gettin baptised this weekend so we finally got permision which is super awesome, and thats it, we have alot that will get baptised, but once again, I wont be here to see it happen. I will probably get a change next month. I'm thinkin anyway. Well good luck with your softball team, keep to it. And keep movin forward in the Church Its true and nobody can prove different. I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH and keep and eye on my boys, and the girl too. (the girl??)and Tate tooo he seems to get in a lot of trouble too.

Elder Beckstead

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