Monday, May 9, 2011

A lot of work to do-Tyler will be there tomorrow!!

haha mom dont worry, i'll send you an email, but why do you want an email, if you wait just a few hours more and ill be there telling you face to face what happened. (I told him to e-mail me Monday and tell me about his last week)
As of right now im thinkin about going to El Triunfo and Iberia and probably just hanging out a lot in CedeƱo cause we have a lot of work to do there and I would like to find a few more people for after I'm gone to to help out my comp a little bit. So yeah were not too set yet with everything but I'm sure he's(Tyler) gonna love it, well I hope, we'll see if he likes the missionary lifestyle for a few days, and there will be three, two families this weekend getting baptised, Hno Mario and Martha and Hna Bertha and Ramon, and a lady named Pazita and another little girl that is Marios grandaughter. It's gonna be crazy here in a few hours. It's weird cause I know that as I write this Tyler is getting ready to come here, hahaha cazy, but yeah I dont know what to tell you cause I talked to ya all last night, but todays pday was wayyyy cool. We got to play basketball with all the missionaries here in the south again for one last time and it was a blast. Really it was a good way to end. So yeah I had a great unofficial last pday. Heres a cool story, Hna is from El Salvador, hes been trying to get baptised for a year now and nothing, because he had to go to El Salvador and bring his papers, but we finally got him set up with the help of some member lady from there, El Salvador, he got the papers ready and now this weekend hes gonna get baptised. I'm really excited cause its going to be my last weekend too. So yeah it will be a great week-.Love you all

Elder Beckstead

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