Monday, May 16, 2011

My Mission ended Perfectly:)

Hello everyone. This is E Becksteads last e-mail. He is right, I am baggy. May 13th was his year mark, so we are in the 3rd year now. I am ready to see him again. It's all been for a very good purpose. I want to thank everyone who supported him and remembered him in their prayers. That is what kept him safe and helped him with his success. A mission is a great work and I am greatful that he was blessed with good health and strength to have the opportunity to serve.
Thanks again

Haha! WOW my Mom is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Baggy!!!
I guess we deserve it cause its all about over, what an experience right??? This week has been great, I ended my mission perfectly. In church we had a total of about 65-70 people, not too bad for a new branch right?? Then as I left all the people from the community came and shook my hand, haha some even gave me hugs and stuff. I know I'm not supposed to hug but I would try to avoid the hug and they would give me one anyway, so I didn't know what to do. My week with Tyler was awesome, I realized that I have changed quite a bit, but he says I'm still pretty normal so thats a good thing.
Oh and I cant wait to tell you about Hno Mario, he's a guy I baptised this weekend, he came running out with tears in his eyes and gave me a huge hug and told me to make sure and visit him soon. haha I love that guy!!!! I dont have much to say but tomorrow we'll have a good ole fashion chat there at home, don't even worry.
Just make sure everyone is safe and sound. I love you all and can't wait to see you tomorrow.
Elder Beckstead
I gave the treats you sent to everyone, they loved them!!!!!! It brought tears to the eyes of a very poor family that we baptised. So thank you, they sent you something too.
Elder Beckstead

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