Monday, March 14, 2011

Short e-mail/Learning patience!!

Well all is well here in Honduras, dont worry about the tsunami and all that, nothing even touched us. So we're safe here. I hear Japan has some serious problems, so I think we should all be worried about them and how they are going to get better and stuff.
So this week has been really lame, the first lame week in a really really long time. I ran into a little sickness here and couldn't eat or swallow all week, I was sick in the throat area. That was pretty crappy but I got better and now i'm back to eating the normal routine. Seriously I was sooo tired of being sick this week. I know that God just had that final push to test my patience and I feel like I more or less passed so thats good. It was brutal though, it was some kind of infection in the throat and I had open sores all in my throat so thats what was weighin me down.
Well whats new there at home?

I talked to president and he told me that I could make my next phone call on the last week of March, so thats when I be calling yall, ill fill you in with more info in these coming weeks but just know that I will be calling in this month. President is sooo awesome. You know I got really really lucky having this guy.
well the keyboard here on this computer is terrible so your all gonna be mad at me, this email is gonna be a short one.
Love you all
Elder Beckstead

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